New Friends ...

I had the most fabulous dinner on Friday night with my girls and our new dear friends, Anna from Absolutely Beautiful Things and the lovely Miss French Navy.
It was just the most beautiful night full of riotous laughter, stories shared and like minds clicking. I left feeling uplifted and with new found energy and enthusiasm for our little White & Wander venture. 

 Anna, you are a super star and your support and encouragement means the world! And Miss FN, I can't wait for our next catch up as I always leave our meetings feeling like I can conquer the world - your support is invaluable!

Here's to making new friends and looking out for each other - we business girls need to stick together!

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  1. here, here bela - couldn't have said it better myself xx

  2. I had such a great time with you girls. I was so inspired by your encouragement and support of each other. I felt so special to be sitting at the table with you all and I am looking forward to catching up with you again when I am back in Adelaide mid-year!!

  3. sounds like a great night :) x

  4. wonderful...i had the pleasure of meeting anna in ny!
    what a lovely lady.

  5. oh my, that would have been an amazingly inspired evening of dining!! Totally jealous :)

  6. It was such a great catch up! Thank you for such lovely words - I feel exactly the same way xx


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