Sleepy ...

Mr H isn't very well... poor darling. So, while he slept ...

... I attempted to style some of our 'finds'. I really must learn how to take proper photos because these really aren't done any justice on my mini camera!

Great vintage globes are becoming harder and harder to find, but we have already done the hard work and one of these little treasures could be coming home with you very soon...
Aren't they lovely?

Photos by me...


  1. Poor Henry! Aren't those collars just so clumsy!? Very excited about the goodies in your shop, missy xo

  2. There's something about globes...I adore that little one on the right...I can hardly wait to see more of your treasures.

    Wishing Mr H a speedy recovery.

    Ingrid x

  3. Poor darling, I hope he gets well soon xox

    What a lovely collection of vintage globes!

  4. They are very lovely! I found some very cheap ones in tk maxx recently...hope your Hnery gets better soon! x

  5. 3 things.
    1) what the flip is going on around Henry's head, what has he done this time?
    2) awesome pic with globes and that well travelled drum - I was going to ask where you got the pic from, as it was a 'perfect emma' pic, and you took it! awesome!!
    3) HOT STUFF profile pic - where was that taken? xx

  6. Love the globes and love the styling! I can't wait for your new online shop and Henry looks like he is a little sad but I'm sure you are giving him lots of love!!


  7. Hehe, Kimbo, Mr H got a little cut while crawling through the brambles and now has a bit of an infected hind leg... this glamorous bucket on his head is to stop him scratching and he hates it! We have had many walking into walls and tipping over his water bowl incidents but he will be fine in a few days...

    And I just found that shot of me from the wedding I did last year in Canberra - was having a remotely decent hair day, but I put the main success of the shot down to that massive flower.. it draws attention away from my double chin(s) ... xx

  8. *** My "Belle-girl" and I are sending get well hugs to YOUR MOST precious "Mr. H"~~~ well actually, *I* am sending HUGS, and BELLE is sending licks!!!


    Linda in AZ *

  9. Oh, I just stumbled into your blog! I love globes and your table full of them looks like candy! Love it! Thank you so much!


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