Fabulous giant antler found via the lovely Scandinavian Retreat ...
This would be priceless ... oh, how I love it so xx


I'm reading Dr Zhivago at the moment - it's lovely to have something juicy to sink my teeth into after a while away from any 'proper' literature.

While I love the wordy emotive language, I don't know about this decorating scheme... hehe

'"The ground floor was used for receptions. Its pistachio-coloured curtains, gleaming piano top, aquarium, olive-green upholstery and potted plants like seaweed made it look like a green, sleepily swaying sea-bed"

What are you reading right now?

Image courtesy of the lovely Steward


I've just seen this fabric in the latest South African House and Leisure (one of my faves) and I immediately fell in love...
It's called Timbuktu by Andrew Martin - desperate to use it...

(Also loving that beaten up chair!)


Ryan Korban's NYC apartment (photos courtesy of The Coveteur) is completely divinely massively swoon-worthy ... I hope you don't find it yukky for me to reiterate but he actually waited for this zebra to die in a zoo and then had it posed and preserved by taxidermy so he would be the perfect prop... how amazing?
Slightly strange? Perhaps, but I think this sense of curating his own little natural history museum is quite a noble gesture.

My darling little brother is pretty upset by my love of stuffed animals, but while I am vehemently against the act of killing animals for sport or cull, I still think there is something lovely about them 'living on' in a beautiful interior ...

Anyway, my disclaimer is that I'm only interested in very old crumbly taxidermy as anything that looks too new just gives me the heeby jeebies - perhaps people didn't know better 100 years ago...?

Controversial? Perhaps... I try not to think about the ethics too much and focus on 'recycling' as opposed to perpetuating a greater evil.
What are your thoughts?


Mother nature was blowing such a gale against my little loft last night thought I might wake up in Kansas!
I love wearing coats again xx


Hello again!
One way to explain my absence of posts is the abundance of weddings we are planning here at W&W... don't get too excited, not mine, rather plenty of friends and family! It's going to be a very busy but rewarding couple of months ... happy days ahead.

Don't you just adore this wedding I just stumbled upon over at Green Wedding Shoes? Come on, who doesn't want to get married in a museum? Love it x infinity squared ...

While on the topic of weddings, W&W have space for one more wedding or special event in the calendar for this year ... please contact me if you would like our super assistance or to talk about our wide array of crazy props xx


This picture says it all!
Be back as soon as I can, dear friends xx

Photo found on Design Love Fest via my new super dooper favourite new toy, Pinterest
Feel free to look us up xx


I love love love this image... wishing I had styled it myself in fact!



Hello friends!
Scarce posting wasn't a bluff, was it?

Much was achieved last week - I started my new job and it all went quite well- it is fun to be back in the thick of a busy hospital after quite a few years away.

And then on Friday Mum and I had our very first photo shoot! The gorgeous Alia and Scott from White Wall Photography kindly agreed to help us out so we spent the afternoon stumbling about in a pear orchard setting up shots of our stock and props.
Mr H wasn't on his best puppy behaviour despite having hundreds of squished pears to snack on, so Mum took him on a walk to calm him down. I think he was overcome by having to pose so beautifully!
Then, I was delighted to find my McQueen Kingdom perfume had arrived from the US after 16 weeks in transit - correct, 16 weeks. Despite this wait I'm sure you'll agree that there is nothing like cracking a fresh bottle of your favourite scent...
And lastly, I hosted family lunch for Mother's Day in my little loft. Can you believe I am 30 and have only just learned how to roast a chicken?
A lovely end to a busy week ...
So, let the new week begin.
Happy days, dear friends.


Oh, how I wish I could stay in bed tomorrow but I'm starting a new job so that probably wouldn't be a great idea...

Posting will be a teensy bit staggered while I get sorted, sorry, dear friends xx

Photo from here, via Pinterest (my new love)