Hello friends!
Scarce posting wasn't a bluff, was it?

Much was achieved last week - I started my new job and it all went quite well- it is fun to be back in the thick of a busy hospital after quite a few years away.

And then on Friday Mum and I had our very first photo shoot! The gorgeous Alia and Scott from White Wall Photography kindly agreed to help us out so we spent the afternoon stumbling about in a pear orchard setting up shots of our stock and props.
Mr H wasn't on his best puppy behaviour despite having hundreds of squished pears to snack on, so Mum took him on a walk to calm him down. I think he was overcome by having to pose so beautifully!
Then, I was delighted to find my McQueen Kingdom perfume had arrived from the US after 16 weeks in transit - correct, 16 weeks. Despite this wait I'm sure you'll agree that there is nothing like cracking a fresh bottle of your favourite scent...
And lastly, I hosted family lunch for Mother's Day in my little loft. Can you believe I am 30 and have only just learned how to roast a chicken?
A lovely end to a busy week ...
So, let the new week begin.
Happy days, dear friends.


  1. so proud of you lovely girl. I don't blame Henry for misbehaving - squashed pears? that ain't no meal for a puppy! hope the 'chook' went well today. Happy week to you xx

  2. Wow Emma, it's all coming together! Congrats, can't wait to see the fruits of your labour (and no, I'm not talking about the squashed pears!)


  3. cant wait to see the shoot!

  4. Emma, if the photo of the shoot is anything to go by, then the photos for your shop are going to be stunning. Can't wait to see them. xx

  5. looks beautiful! I love the second picture, hughs Anja

  6. How exciting to be doing a shoot .... amongst all the pears. The table looks fabulous.


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Happy day dear friends xx