Ryan Korban's NYC apartment (photos courtesy of The Coveteur) is completely divinely massively swoon-worthy ... I hope you don't find it yukky for me to reiterate but he actually waited for this zebra to die in a zoo and then had it posed and preserved by taxidermy so he would be the perfect prop... how amazing?
Slightly strange? Perhaps, but I think this sense of curating his own little natural history museum is quite a noble gesture.

My darling little brother is pretty upset by my love of stuffed animals, but while I am vehemently against the act of killing animals for sport or cull, I still think there is something lovely about them 'living on' in a beautiful interior ...

Anyway, my disclaimer is that I'm only interested in very old crumbly taxidermy as anything that looks too new just gives me the heeby jeebies - perhaps people didn't know better 100 years ago...?

Controversial? Perhaps... I try not to think about the ethics too much and focus on 'recycling' as opposed to perpetuating a greater evil.
What are your thoughts?


  1. Delightfully eccentric! I prefer my birds over a grill.

  2. Emma, living here in England means exposure to lots of truely 'stuffed' animals and birds...usually in amazing glass cases and I have to admit having a hankering for a stuffed pheasant! I mean, these particular birds are hunted and shot routinely here...not to mention they have a tendency to run out in front of moving cars...have actually run a few over myself (they really are the stupidest birds)...so I don't think I would feel too bad. I know what you mean about the older examples...for me too it would have to be out of an antique shop...a bit old and dusty! Robx

  3. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    My "rule of thumb" for such things is that it's only "okay" if the animal was hunted for food, not simply for sport. If I eat a chicken from the market, or a pheasant from the field, there is no difference. I'm generally not bothered by vintage specimens, done in moderation. But no Trophy Room for me, thank you.

  4. I'm completely with you on this, I love old taxidermy too, but as a vegetarian of almost 30yrs and someone who opposes hunting & animal killing, it is a bit hypocritical.
    I still love my various dear antlers & old stuffed pheasant though!!


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