This picture says it all!
Be back as soon as I can, dear friends xx

Photo found on Design Love Fest via my new super dooper favourite new toy, Pinterest
Feel free to look us up xx


  1. Hi lovely I have just discovered your sweet blog - but don't know how to follow?!

    Please stop by and let me know.

    Have a fab day doll!

    Sar xx


  2. You are a busy girl and I know the time it takes to set up a new shop! I am after a globe to go in our study to match the world map I bought in paris and had framed. I can email you a photo. Let me know if you have anything suitlable! Teesh xx

  3. You always use such gorgeous, happy, inspiring photos! Love it! x

  4. pinterest is the best! it's totally addicting but so much fun.


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Happy day dear friends xx