Busy day in the land of W&W today - we've been guillotining my sisters wedding invitations and addressing all the envelopes in wonky calligraphy so they are all ready for the post tomorrow...

Don't you love the 'barn' themed invitations?

They were designed by Laura from TwoCardinalDay on Etsy ... she was a darling throughout the design process and effortlessly whipped up this gorgeous map of the Adelaide Hills (below) - no easy feat for those who know the Hills ... it's a complicated layout!

And here's Mr H site managing the cut-offs... clearly it's an exhausting task!

Happy week, dear friends xx

(All photos by Mum)


  1. I love those invites so much - they're so different from anything I've seen before, love the natural look to them!

  2. This invites are simply unique! Love the natural look!

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  3. beautiful!
    love the map.

  4. Wow theyre incredible! I love how unfussy they are so natural - love 'em! x

  5. They look really cool & different! If I see any more invites w a pearlized finish I might scream! Can't wait to see wedding pics. LovT

  6. Now as an ex-pat crow eater, who could find crafers hard to find, but with a map like that i think i'd try and get lost just to look at it a while longer! : )

  7. Calligraphy is toooooouuughhh.. that's how people used to copy books... before gutenburg.

  8. very nice!!
    I love your blog!!
    from Chile


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