Dear friends,

To those of you fluent in Latin, I hope you've enjoyed your unexpected sneak peek at the shop this morning.
And to the rest of us who aren't, please be assured we certainly do intend to publish in English!

We are working feverishly behind the scenes to iron out these glitches so that in just a few days we can go live.

We greatly appreciate your patience (while ours is wearing a bit thin) ...

Emma and Lisa

(Funniest Keep Calm posters I could find on Pinterest ... nothing to do but laugh right now!)


  1. It will be fabulous! Nothing like a bit of Latin for a dose of culture x

  2. I adore the second one - and the crown just hanging on! Made me smile!

  3. Before you know it, your store will be up and running and you will be so busy that you will forget about all the little hiccups!!! Good luck!
    Laura x

  4. It looks wonderful over here. So lovely and organized. Love the posters...especially the second!!

  5. Love these! I found one that said "Keep calm and curry on" wih a spice bowl, love it!
    -Jessica & Holly


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Happy day dear friends xx