Hello dear friends ...

You may notice a different look here at our place! These final changes to the site design are now being implemented and while there may be a few glitches, they'll be ironed out in no time.

Now, I know I've been saying it since January, but after numerous unforeseen hiccups, our shop/prop and styling site is nearly here.

Your patience is much appreciated... stay tuned!

Photo by WhiteWall Photography


  1. Very excited Emma, Can't wait to see the site x Blog is gorgeous

  2. Such a beautiful drum, well worth planning a shoot around :)

  3. Your blog's new changes are looking terrific. All good things come to those that wait!

    Cheers ~ Deb

  4. I've just discovered your blog and boutique . I love them both


While of course I appreciate your generous comments, please don't feel obliged ... just having you stop by is lovely enough!

Happy day dear friends xx