Action stations in the hills this weekend... gearing up for the second wedding in 2 weeks!
Apologies for the lack of posting but I've decided to post both sets of wedding photos together when it's all done ... the wait will be worth it!

So, instead I leave you with a photo of the first perfect white Camellia of the season from my parents garden ... a huge tree came down last year and wiped out most of the Camellia trees but fortuitously left the white one.

Chanel definitely had the right idea when they picked it as their flower, didn't they?

Happy weekend, dear friends xx


  1. Oh this absolutely is perfection.
    Love from Rome.

  2. It is so nice to hear you are super busy right now Emma. We have a huge white Camellia tree in the backyard, but ours sometimes get rogue pink ones! Does your Mums tree do that?
    Ness xx


  3. very nice! I love´t
    thanks you
    hugs from Chile

  4. Very nice love your room. but I just sacred to see that
    huge rose, is it?


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Happy day dear friends xx