Canberra ...

Busy busy in the land of W&W... off to Canberra on the red-eye in the morning to hang with my sister and put the finishing touches on her wedding preparations while Mum mans the shop ... I love flying 2 weekends in a row, how spoiled am I?

While I'm there we will also be restyling her house - yay! Love being put to work on fun things like a bit of furniture pushing... no really, I do!

And we are finally going to see the latest Harry Potter movie - I'm very excited. It has been weeks of chaos with the shop opening and lots of wedding planning so it will be great to sit still for 2 hours... bliss!

I'll take lots of photos so we can have a little set of posts on Canberra when I return.

(I had to put in this picture because it reminds me so much of GG - no one has a neater linen cupboard than she does!)

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