Cobalt Blue ...

For the final installation in the Brissy series I wanted to show you the amazing ceiling at the Paddington Antiques Centre.
Anna had already prepped Kate and I to look up when we went in ... boy, she wasn't kidding that we'd be amazed!
I almost couldn't concentrate on the stock!
These photos really do it no justice, it is so much more vivid in real life. But the best thing is that it appears to be completely untouched so it has the perfect amount of wear ... just stunning!

It would never be allowed, but how amazing would it be as an empty space for a party??
One can dream...

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  1. aw Anna must be the perfect host - she took you to some of my favourite Brisbane spots!

  2. love that blue!! it would be a prefect place for a party!! add some fairy lights and it would look utterly amazing!

  3. Oh you're the perfect tour guide, yahoo, more places for me to visit when i go to Brisbane (i go every 3 months, to visit my husband/ use his bachelor pad, it's fantastic) & i'm really loving Brisbane!! Love Posie


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