Horse ...

Achingly beautiful horse head paper sculptures by Anna-Wili Highfield for Hermes...

No where to put one but oh, how I want one!


Brights ...

It's funny ... for someone who decorates one way, I sure do dress in another!

I love love love to wear bright colours, crazy statement jewels and of course rainbow flats.
I decorate though in a much more restrained fashion, with a twist I like to think, but never this overtly bright - is anyone else the same?
Or does this in reverse perhaps?

(Blaine gets a nod this week because it is such a colourful and therefore perfectly fitting shot ... plus, I'm so excited that Glee is back on! I love this show like I gave birth to it!)

Cuff - Etsy, shoes- my Pinterest boards xx


Sleep ...

Exhibit 1 - Mr H, startled after someone dared wake him up from sleeping on the outside table... just like any normal dog.


Happy weekend!


Props ...

We've also been busy bees with our prop and furniture hire... this weekend we were thrilled to help Alicia from Akimbo with furniture for her stall at the Eclective...

In case you didn't know, the Eclective showcased artisan wedding vendors in a fabulous old building in Adelaide called the Queens Theatre. It was a brilliant event for Adelaide, well done Scott and Alia!

I would live in this building if I could! Just look at those perfectly crumbling walls...
Our wicker sideboard worked fabulously holding Alicia's gorgeous prints in the top drawer ...
The lovely big old yellow frame is also for hire and can be custom painted any shade you wish ...
Our beloved surgical trolley is an amazing piece as it is so light and airy ... it really let her work stand out, which of course was the whole point!
And lastly, Alicia requested a louvered screen to showcase her gorgeous designs...
so I set about making one!
I had a great time painting it this beautiful shade of Dulux 'Gondolier" and hinging it together ... I really find nothing as satisfying as making things come to life!

If you haven't followed the link over to her stunning site, you must do it now!
I LOVE this phrase - "invitations that won't make you want to vomit" - brill, and so true.

And lastly, all of these props and many, many more treasures are for hire and delivery is included in the Adelaide area. We would love to help you 'prop' your next event so do give us a yell xx


Hello Again ...

Please forgive my significant absence dear friends... we've been rather busy!
While I have had a fabulous happy month, I wouldn't recommend styling 2 weddings within 2 weeks... its a bit much.

Professional photos to come but here is a sneak peak of my beautiful sister Georgie on her wedding day above. She looked so amazing ... as did the flowers, if I do say so myself!

And here is a shot of the menus that I wrote for the tables... I never knew that printers didn't use white ink when I decided on the design! Each one was slightly different and I was very pleased with the way they turned out.
My other sister Lucy wrote the place names because I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer after writing 110 menus!
She is now back in Europe and I miss her dreadfully xx

Photos of the wedding of my dear friends the fortnight before to come - I forgot my camera that day! How silly of me!

And I promise I'm returning to normal blogging from now on... x