Brights ...

It's funny ... for someone who decorates one way, I sure do dress in another!

I love love love to wear bright colours, crazy statement jewels and of course rainbow flats.
I decorate though in a much more restrained fashion, with a twist I like to think, but never this overtly bright - is anyone else the same?
Or does this in reverse perhaps?

(Blaine gets a nod this week because it is such a colourful and therefore perfectly fitting shot ... plus, I'm so excited that Glee is back on! I love this show like I gave birth to it!)

Cuff - Etsy, shoes- my Pinterest boards xx


  1. Interesting question. I am the reverse. I have wondered if my tendency towards urban black & grey outfits(necklaces being the exception, of course) is incongruent with my mad desire for interior colour. I can't hide that I am a country-girl at heart while at home

  2. We love Blaine! Colour makes the world go 'round. Love the contrasts in your life x

  3. those flats have your name all over them!!!! the glee movie FINALLY came out here today - i'm going to see it on the weekend. miss you, love you. chat soon xxx

  4. Nice!!

    hugs from Chile


  5. isn't it so much fun to see brights for the upcoming winter months, at least in my part of the world ;) the color will certainly boost our wardrobes and our spirits. love it! have a great rest of your weekend...

  6. AMAZING shoes!! Enjoying reading your blog :) x


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