Art School Prep ...

On the weekend we threw a little lunch to welcome Kim back from overseas... it was so lovely to get everyone together again and of course I love any chance to do a drop of decorating... yay!

Sally, Pip, Kim and Kate are the best cooks in the universe so I put up my hand to set the table instead (can't compete in the kitchen!) ... of course I let my mind wander in the week leading up to it and dreamed up the styling plan "Art School Prep'

I'm sure the girls were a bit confused and Kate confessed that she was expecting paint brushes and easels ... but I had it all sorted in my head wanted to make it very 'Kim'. I was going for pretty and classic but not too obvious ...

I had the most scrumptious time on Friday night painting a huge piece of salvaged art paper with many shades of pink in a watercolour wash... nothing like moving the furniture out of the way and standing above it like Pro Hart throwing paint around (this was the art school bit)

PS - never do this in red as it would look like someone has had a nasty haemorrhage ... not great for the appetite...

Teamed with Sal's gorgeous striped napkins (prep bit) the whole thing came together beautifully, if I do say so myself.

4 low vases of sweet peas, carnations in 2 shades of pink and some gorgeous ranunculi finished it all off ... can't get enough of a trip to the flower market on a frosty morning - any excuse to pop in.

I'll let Kate blog about the food as she is the expert in this department but I can vouch that we all thought it was delicious and wolfed it down...

Watermelon and feta salad was my favourite of the day... yum yum.

Pop over to Kate's place for further shots... and she may even share some recipes xxx

Photos by me and Kate

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  1. Such nice friends! Lunch looked ace . . bring on the recipes . . for those of us who are rubbish in the kitchen. lovT (www.ladychatterleysaffair.com)


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