Bricks ...

I'm in complete and utter love with every element of this fabulous Stockholm loft space belonging to interior Martine Colliander of White Sense ...

The whole concept is flawless but I'm mainly obsessed with the brick floor - who gets a brick floor these days? Heaven...


  1. Sooo cool.. i love the staircase too.. So much life.. Carla

  2. Ummmm that would be me Emma! Yep brick floor c1972 still remains intactus in the entry hall here at The Hedge. The plan has always been to rip it up, but I may just have to rethink that. Actually for getting through a wet, muddy Hills Winter it's actually brilliant flooring, can't believe I actually said that!
    Millie x

  3. LOVE this, thanks for sharing.

  4. Those stairs look so scary!


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