Fireworks ... I've never thought of them as static images but they are almost more beautiful this way ...



Tragic monarchist here... so, I'm clearly super excited about getting home from my last day at work today (yes, another job starts on Monday), and tuning in to the wedding of the century.

Can't wait.
Friends ...

Scones ...

Passion Pop ...

Happy weekend, dear friends xx


So lovely - this image of Stephen Shubel's fishermans cottage is one I'll never tire of ...


Loving this extra long weekend. I hope you're having a relaxing time, dear friends xx


What a little sweety ... happy weekend, dear friends xx


While my art wall is going to be a little more nautical, this is perfect inspiration ...

How lovely.


Rustic, simple and seriously beautiful ...

Dreaming of our real life shop... but until then we will be squealing with delight when the online one comes... it's getting very close now...


I've been happily trawling through by design books (which have been in storage for over a year now) for new house decorating inspiration, and I keep coming back to my favourite Thomas O'Brien book, in particular to the shots of his apartment in NYC ...

I simply adore the masculine vibe and his art wall ... v hard to replicate since my ceiling starts to pitch at nose height but I aim to emulate this look on my one flat wall!

Stay tuned...!



I love how this space is calming despite the numerous details and contrasts... never would I have thought the 'back' of a horse could be as lovely as this gorgeous piece of art depicts!

(Lamp heaven... anybody know where one might procure a darling like this?? xx)

Skona Hem (where all the best house tours are), photographed by Madeline Soder

Outfit brilliance... all the better for that monster bow, of course....
But I'm rightly annoyed that I had a skirt just like that until yesterday when I had a massive wardrobe cull and it made the 'donate' list...

Le sigh... must go buy it back!


Still unpacking, dear friends ... but I'll be back to proper posting on Monday.

Happy weekend xx