Action stations in the hills this weekend... gearing up for the second wedding in 2 weeks!
Apologies for the lack of posting but I've decided to post both sets of wedding photos together when it's all done ... the wait will be worth it!

So, instead I leave you with a photo of the first perfect white Camellia of the season from my parents garden ... a huge tree came down last year and wiped out most of the Camellia trees but fortuitously left the white one.

Chanel definitely had the right idea when they picked it as their flower, didn't they?

Happy weekend, dear friends xx


Wedding ...

I'll be super busy tomorrow gathering flowers, transporting props and having fun styling the wedding of two of my great friends, so I'm finishing the week here! I'll be back on Monday with lots of yummy photos ...


Photo source here


Print ...

This vintage Danish stamp and ink set is just one of the new treasures we've popped in the shop... head over for a look!
Midnight shopping is my favourite thing ever... x


Puppy Love ...

I'm a massive dog lover - no secret there!

Today I discovered a type of dog that I've never seen before - a Leonberger called Bruce.

I was walking back from my car when I spotted him so I chased after the owner so I could pat him (the dog, not the owner...). He was very cute and dopey, super gentle and shy, and absolutely humungous! Made Mr H look like a girl dog even though he is quite big for a Golden Retriever... and Bruce was only 6 months old!

One more puppy to add to the list for when I have a house with a backyard!

Happy weekend dear friends xx


Yes, please ...

Clearly I need this cushion - it has my name on it!
And while I'm there I'll take those shoes...
And that other cushion...

Pretty pretty


Pony ...

My Canberra photos were a little bit fuzzy as it was raining but we had one clear day and this little pony was so cute I just had to post him! He was in a paddock all of his own so we felt sorry for him and went to the supermarket to get him some carrots... we loved him to bits.


Pretty ...

Back from Canberra... had a lovely lovely trip. We actually ended up relaxing more than being tourists which was just what the doctor ordered! Subsequently, I simply have silly photos instead of anything educational... I'll pop them up tomorrow.
But I wanted to post these amazing shots before I forgot - they are by French artist Jean Sonnet and I spotted them over at the lovely Designers Block.
They serve to remind me to see happiness in the small details, as not everything has to be executed on a grand scale to be beautiful.
Happy week dear friends xx


Canberra ...

Busy busy in the land of W&W... off to Canberra on the red-eye in the morning to hang with my sister and put the finishing touches on her wedding preparations while Mum mans the shop ... I love flying 2 weekends in a row, how spoiled am I?

While I'm there we will also be restyling her house - yay! Love being put to work on fun things like a bit of furniture pushing... no really, I do!

And we are finally going to see the latest Harry Potter movie - I'm very excited. It has been weeks of chaos with the shop opening and lots of wedding planning so it will be great to sit still for 2 hours... bliss!

I'll take lots of photos so we can have a little set of posts on Canberra when I return.

(I had to put in this picture because it reminds me so much of GG - no one has a neater linen cupboard than she does!)


Cobalt Blue ...

For the final installation in the Brissy series I wanted to show you the amazing ceiling at the Paddington Antiques Centre.
Anna had already prepped Kate and I to look up when we went in ... boy, she wasn't kidding that we'd be amazed!
I almost couldn't concentrate on the stock!
These photos really do it no justice, it is so much more vivid in real life. But the best thing is that it appears to be completely untouched so it has the perfect amount of wear ... just stunning!

It would never be allowed, but how amazing would it be as an empty space for a party??
One can dream...

Make sure you head over to Kate's place for more loveliness from Brisbane ...


Crosstown ...

Just one of the stops on our custom Brissy tour with Anna was to the Crosstown Eatery - what a find! Housed in a gorgeous historical building in the Gabba, the interior was sort of a cross between a Port Adelaide pub and a 70's bungalow - I'm sure that is hard to imagine but you'll just have to pop past and see for yourselves ...

Details I loved included the wonky industrial light shades and obligatory fish on the wall above...

And a heavenly wall of nautical art ... reminded me a teensy bit of my bedroom wall below (proper photos to come when I really finish the house... soon I hope!)

Then came the food! Yum yum is all I can say but you'll have to pop past Kate's place for her rundown - she is the food expert after all!

Shopping photos tomorrow!


Brisbane Visit

Hello friends!

I've just returned from a much needed and lovely long weekend away with my gorgeous friend
Kate in Brisbane. It wasn't the same without you Kim (but you have a good excuse being overseas and all!).

Kate and I were lucky enough to have an amazing tour guide in Anna from Absolutely Beautiful Things. She did an absolutely smashing job taking us around all of the coolest joints in Brissy right on the back of launching her scrumptious new online shop - I don't know how she does it all!

First stop was Black & Spiro - and yes kids, it is even more beautiful
in the flesh than you could imagine. While I decorate with a more muted palate, Anna shows how bravery certainly pays off with her use of colour. - it inspires me to lash out a bit in the colour stakes. These photos just don't do it any justice!

Yep, that's in the vignette! How exciting...

Here we are after a slice of cake ... and a good dose of talking shop! It is so lovely to be able to bounce ideas off each other, respecting all of our different styles and points of view, and finding shared passions.

More Brissy photos (courtesy of Kate) to come during the week - so much to see and do in our new favourite city!