Merry Christmas

White & Wander
with love ....
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

There will be a small break in communication while I head off to do some remote area health work in the Aboriginal lands of the Australian Northern Territory until later in January.....minus internet!

Image courtesy of Paperless Post 


Love and a Dog ...

Dogs are the best. 
Can't wait to have one of my own again some day...

Tossing up between a Leonberger called Pedro or a Pug called Pepito (yep, I have future dog names all sorted out, sad Emma, very sad)
I guess I'll let the size of my future backyard decide!


Sea ...


Images on a nautical theme that are seriously floating my boat today ...
shocking pun, I know, but it had to be done!

All from this rad tumblr, Now and Then


Chanel ...


 Prompted by a deliciously tempting picture posted on The Beautiful Soup (above), I was desperate to track down some more shots of the recent Chanel M├ętiers aD’Art Paris-Bombay themed fashion show. 
Hosted at the Grand Palais, the interior was transformed into a Maharaja’s palace complete with long tables set for high tea. 
I'm not even interested in the clothes, just the drop dead gorgeous event design.

Trust Chanel to get it so so right.

All other photos from La Chanelphile


Antiquaria ...

While I should be doing a holiday gift guide of my own, I just can't help reading eveyone elses!

One of the loveliest I've seen is this smashing publication from Antiquaria.
I absolutely adore the hand illustrated lettering and whimsical details. 
It is so inspiring for me seeing things that aren't vector drawn and gives me a nudge to get back into drawing some more myself ...


Duffle ...

I've been travelling quite a bit recently, and will be lucky enough to continue to do so into the new year... 
Therefore I think I am quite justified in purchasing this little beauty...

Who doesn't need a sequin dipped duffle bag in cheetah print? That's what I thought- let's all get one.

Achingly fabulous in every way ...


Fete Press ...

Get to Fete Press now people! Stunning in every way, SA girls going for it in a big and beautiful style!

Congrats Jane and Annabelle xx


Big Puppy ...

Aw, this looks just like Mr H ... with his equally bad habit of taking up half the bed and a pillow!

Actually, I think a bit of a sleep in tomorrow is a great idea.
It's been a busy week here at W&W and it's only going to get busier from here on in... yay!

Happy weekend, dear friends x

Picture from here


Glee ...

I love Wednesday nights because Glee is on TV. 
Nothing makes me happier than a good old sing along with my favourite characters!

Blaine is my fave. Probably not a secret!
Time to get out more...


Flowers ...

 Hooray, the professional photos  of my sister and new brother in law's wedding have arrived (September 3... the wait is worth it!)
I'm so happy with how the photos of the flowers turned out ... it was very romantic and rustic. 

Such a happy family event...
 Don't they look so happy?

More photos to be loaded up on the website very soon x