Dinner ...

Now, this is my kind of Sunday dinner.
Perfectly simple and rustic. 

Photographer Gabriela Herman


Transit ...

I'm happily heading home today after 6 weeks away.

None of my photos are really blogworthy so I'll leave you with this beautiful shot of dinner under the stars at Faraway Downs, from the fabulous movie, Australia. Opinions will be divided here, but I really loved it. I've been in more bush than desert but there are definitely some similarities (sadly no Hugh Jackman)

I'll be traversing the country for a few days so I've scheduled a few posts to keep the home fires burning - including a post of my dream home!

See you next week, dear friends xx


Nearly Home...

My goodness! Where has this week gone?
I've only got a few days left in the NT and I can't deny, I'm very much looking forward to heading back to the loft and busy city life. 

I've got a busy February and March with W&W projects, but work is just going to have to wait as there are a few the things I must do immediately, if not sooner, upon arrival ...
Firstly, catch up on a massive stack of magazine reading ...
Someone better check on me from time to time, I may have passed out with excitement!
Oh, how I lust after a crisp fresh copy of World of Interiors ... 

 Next, eat some serious meat. 
I rarely eat big cuts of meat but a few weeks without it really has me hankering ... I might try this place? Kits, Kimbo, Kate - care to try it with me?

 Also in the eating category, is a pilgrimage, preferrably at midnight, to the spiritual home of pies, Vilis - SA readers, you know what I mean. Yep.
 Paint my nails a wildly inappropriate shade of some description ... better yet, have someone paint them for me...

Embark on a much needed day out treasure hunting in the Kangoo ...
Top of the list is a tortoise shell... of course!

And lastly, give my great love, Mr H, a suffocating snuggle for at least 15 minutes...
He has defied the odds with his miraculous recovery. Thanks so much again for all your kind words of support.

Happy weekend, dear friends.


Hoorah ...

Thrilled to report that Mr H is home after making a miraculous recovery.
What a relief.
I can't wait to get home and give him a big snuggle.
Thanks a million for your happy thoughts, dear friends x

Henry ...

Poor Mr H is very, very sick in the animal hospital after eating some snail bait yesterday.
Clearly his gluttony has finally caught up with him, silly puppy.
Please send all your happy thoughts our way as we wait anxiously for some hopeful news.

Happy weekend, dear friends xx


Holmes ...

Does anyone else love the old Sherlock Holmes with this hilarious bloke, Jeremy Brett?
When I was living at home Dad and I would religiously watch it and crack up at the overly dramatic flourishes he would splash around. 
It's an especially good giggle when he has a fist fight.

Speaking of Sherlock, I can't wait to see the new movie. After seeing the last a nameless sister remarked that Sherlock's apartment looked like the inside of my brain. 
Sad but probably very true!


Frenzy ...

Desire to Inspire have done it again.
Torturing my mind and tormenting my eyes with achingly beautiful images of spaces that I lustily crave to inhabit...
Undoubtedly, I'm going to be in a complete decorating frenzy when I get home.
All these lovely inspiring images and nothing to decorate. 
I've been known to return from a dinner party at a very late hour and move furniture around all night, so after 8 weeks away from home the loft is in for a right old flip! 

Might even finally post some photos... maybe x

Photos above by photographer David Prince


Bath ...

I adore how this bathroom is both theatrical and utilitarian at the same time.

Loving the mix of crumbling walls, persian rug, damask curtain, tassels and old school sinks...
And that green! I can't get enough of emerald at the moment. 

Seriously winning combo.


Specs ...

 Who wore it better?
Of course I'm picking the little Bulldog over the model.
He's just scrumptious.

Happy weekend, dear friends xx


Cool ...

 Johanna Burke has both the coolest apartment in the universe, in New York City, overlooking the East River and Downtown Manhattan ....
 With perfectly crumbling paint and a pane of safety glass in her front door ...

 And the coolest job in the universe designing whimsical holiday window displays for Bergdorf Goodman ...

Who doesn't want to go to work and whip up a sequinned moose?

Dream job ...

Full interview here and more examples of her fabulous work here.


Italy ...

I simply adore these exquisite illustrated floor plans by Venetian architect Andrea Palladio. 
They are works of art in themselves.

I loved seeing those buildings up close when I was in Venice 10 years ago and I'm hoping it won't be too long before I'm there again...


2012 ...

Hello again, dear friends!
Happy 2012.

I'm still up in the Northern Territory but happily I once again have internet and mobile coverage after a few weeks without it - despite this unexpected technology sabattical being probably just what I needed, I must say, losing a limb might have been less painful! 
 This distance has reminded me of just how important balance is - isn't it always when you stop that you realise just how lovely it is to sit quietly? Here's to a well balanced and happy year ahead.

And the happiness has already begun with a lovely little piece in the ever gorgeous Matchbook Magazine. I was thrilled to be asked, tickled pink, in fact. What an honour.

Check it out! (The whole issue, not just me of course! Ha!)