2012 ...

Hello again, dear friends!
Happy 2012.

I'm still up in the Northern Territory but happily I once again have internet and mobile coverage after a few weeks without it - despite this unexpected technology sabattical being probably just what I needed, I must say, losing a limb might have been less painful! 
 This distance has reminded me of just how important balance is - isn't it always when you stop that you realise just how lovely it is to sit quietly? Here's to a well balanced and happy year ahead.

And the happiness has already begun with a lovely little piece in the ever gorgeous Matchbook Magazine. I was thrilled to be asked, tickled pink, in fact. What an honour.

Check it out! (The whole issue, not just me of course! Ha!)

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  1. Now, that I have at last returned to blogging, when the Internet goes down (which it does regularly!) I get quite panicky!!!!! How did we manage without all this technology?!!!!
    I love your matchbook magazine piece, very glamerous.


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