Henry ...

Poor Mr H is very, very sick in the animal hospital after eating some snail bait yesterday.
Clearly his gluttony has finally caught up with him, silly puppy.
Please send all your happy thoughts our way as we wait anxiously for some hopeful news.

Happy weekend, dear friends xx


  1. My very best wishes to Henry! I hope he gets better soon!! I am thinking of him... Oh my goodness those goldens are such guts'

    Lots of Love to you too!

  2. I'm so sorry! Hoping for good news soon!

  3. Emma, I hope Henry is O.K...poor darling...dogs are such a 'guts aches'. Robx

  4. Oh what a dreadful time for you, lots of pats and hugs for Mr H.

  5. how is you dog?..........SADLY this happens far to often when people use poisons anyplace ANY animals can get to them..PLEASE PLEASE do not use poisons for any reason...it is deadly to animals who may find it and the environment.........I do hope you dog has recovered.....


While of course I appreciate your generous comments, please don't feel obliged ... just having you stop by is lovely enough!

Happy day dear friends xx