Nearly Home...

My goodness! Where has this week gone?
I've only got a few days left in the NT and I can't deny, I'm very much looking forward to heading back to the loft and busy city life. 

I've got a busy February and March with W&W projects, but work is just going to have to wait as there are a few the things I must do immediately, if not sooner, upon arrival ...
Firstly, catch up on a massive stack of magazine reading ...
Someone better check on me from time to time, I may have passed out with excitement!
Oh, how I lust after a crisp fresh copy of World of Interiors ... 

 Next, eat some serious meat. 
I rarely eat big cuts of meat but a few weeks without it really has me hankering ... I might try this place? Kits, Kimbo, Kate - care to try it with me?

 Also in the eating category, is a pilgrimage, preferrably at midnight, to the spiritual home of pies, Vilis - SA readers, you know what I mean. Yep.
 Paint my nails a wildly inappropriate shade of some description ... better yet, have someone paint them for me...

Embark on a much needed day out treasure hunting in the Kangoo ...
Top of the list is a tortoise shell... of course!

And lastly, give my great love, Mr H, a suffocating snuggle for at least 15 minutes...
He has defied the odds with his miraculous recovery. Thanks so much again for all your kind words of support.

Happy weekend, dear friends.


  1. Yes to all of the above!!!!! - you write so well, and such gorgeous pics, get yourself back here pronto. xxxxxxx

  2. Would love to try that steak place....$60 for a slab of meat, but it would be out of this world delicious!

  3. I've never been one to turn down a steak, dear Em! Hurry home, lots of fun to be had this year. V keen for a trip to Strathalbyn in the Kangoo, with lunch at a winery on the way. Safe travels x

  4. Hi
    My dog lapped at a bowl of snail bait placed close to the sidewalk about 2 years ago. He survived but I know he is still feeling the effects, the vet says it's the kidneys. I keep my eye out for this stuff now........so sad.


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