Dream Home ...

 I talk about dream homes all the time... I've got about 10 of them.
But I've found the one ... the search is over.

It's the home of retired Naval Officer Admiral Boom and his wife, and their ex-pirate assistant Binnacle, on Cherry Tree Lane, London.

 I am amazed I didn't remember this from my childhood because I would have seen Mary Poppins countless times! G Barb can attest to us wearing out her tape!

 It's perfect in every way.
Such a pretty blue ...
And what an amazingly fantastic roof top with all those ship-shape details!

Happily, my loft is pretty nautical already, but it is more like a lighthouse than a ship ...
But I could add a Captain's wheel to the front deck of course, always room for more props!

See the full Admiral Boom montage here
(Please excuse the blurry screen shots taken from the movie!)


  1. Our youngest son & I love watching 'Mary Poppins'. My favourite house is the one at the end of the street, next to the Banks' home.

  2. I loved that movie as a kid growing up in the US. I always thought Londoners lived in houses like this but now that I live in London I think sadly its untrue.



  3. A classic movie for sure, loved it as kid and still love it now!


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