Elope ...

Our family was thrilled, surprised and of course a bit flabbergasted last week with the happy news that my twin sister Luce and her lovely fiance Ellis were eloping to New York City after becoming engaged just a few weeks earlier ...
This is just a teensy selection of the photos taken by Katie Jane who not only captured the happy day but also acted as their witness - how funny is that? Luce said she was amazing so if you're ever eloping in NY, she's your gal...

We knew Luce may not have thought of a bouquet after organising all the other logistics so we tracked down a florist via their concierge and asked them to put together this gorgeous bouquet and send it over the morning of the ceremony - I wanted it to look like Georgie's wedding flowers and happily it seems that it did!

What wonderful news ... we are so happy for them and I can't wait to see them next time they are home (or I'm there!)

PS ... Luce is a brilliant dressmaker and whipped this skirt up herself just a few days before they left for NY,  and topped it off with this Kate Spade number. How clever she is!


  1. Adorable! I love her striped skirt and the lovely flowers.

  2. What a gorgeous sister you are to think of a bouquet. The flowers were perfect, Em. I can't believe Lucy made that skirt - it's gorgeous! And of course, Kate Spade. Everyone needs a little Kate on their wedding day. Can't wait to see the full album - how hilarious the photographer was the witness as well! Only in America!


  3. Oh bless!
    We might need to call our friend Diana for a belated hens night when Luce returns...he, he, he! xxx

  4. At first I was like, wait, what? Is that you?? Aaah, twin sister, that explains it! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  5. such lovely news!! We are very happy for them and how romantic to elope to New York - one of my most favourite cities in the world!!

  6. Wow congratulations to Lucy!! How exciting. xx


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