Ile de Re ...

Isn't this just one of the most idyllic images you've ever clapped your eyes on?
 You all know I love a tug boat...

I've dreamed of visiting Ile de Re (an island off the west coast of France) since seeing the interior of La Maison Douce featured in a magazine many, many years ago. I've made up my mind that the rest of the island must be just as enchanting and well worth an expedition when next in the region ...
 I'll get there soon enough...

Anyone else spend unnecessary amounts of time planning dream itineraries like me??
(Please don't let me be alone in this!)


  1. Beautiful! I'm dreaming of weatherboard cottages and open fireplaces and lots of wine and cheese. And sleeping in. I'm thinking NZ and Tasmania (and how convenient I'm visiting both this year?!?!)

  2. A beautiful picture, I also want to visit the island.

  3. Oh no!!! You are not alone.... I daydream all the time...my future lottery money is already spent! k

  4. Didn´t quite get it if you are really going to visit France /la Ile de Re (sorry).....

    I live in Germany and oftenly visit different regions in France and I´m almost never disappointed.

    The French definitely DO have that "flair" and you´ll find that special lifestyle in very very many many many places in France.

    Don´t be afraid not to find what you are dreaming. I´d say: You´ll certainly find it :-)))


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