Lunch ...

Just in case you missed the photos of Kim's Birthday Lunch on Instagram, (my new obsession and reason why I appear to neglect W&W 'headquarters') here they are again...
 How divine is her Caviar wallpaper!
Of course I took any excuse to debut the giant clam shell, and generally theme nautically - my favourite way to decorate!

Also joining us were fellow blogging beauties Kate, Sally, Pip and Alex
Quite the bloggers lunch!

For future reference, fellow lovers of the exoskeleton, giant clam shells are in no way water-tight! We learned this the hard way but thankfully took photos pre flooding of the table...

Off to find some sealant!


  1. Oh Em, it's come up a treat! Absolutely gorgeous! So funny that all your photos focus on the styling, and mine are all about the food. How we complement each other! Such a gorgeous day xo

  2. i was going to use the word 'treat'!!!! you were ah-mazing in the styling department Em, and that dip kate? awesome. Um, is it bad that the only pics I have on my iphone of the day is of the spirits in my make shift 'bar' and the fabulous chalk art later in the arvo? I have fabulous friends. thank you so much xx

  3. I am most impressed. Just SPECTACULAR... Phil xxxx

  4. Wonderful! Lovely blog; I've just found you, and am now following ~ ♥♥

  5. This is amazing!I know how I'm going to do my table at my next party :) x


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