Crumpled ...

This is a great crumpled, jumbly mess of a bed ...

While the nurse in me desperately wants to neaten it up just a touch, I can still appreciate the beautiful styling. 
I simply adore mixed up linens, some vintage mixed with some brand new ... and I dream of stumbling across a delicately faded quilt such as this one day, the more ragged the better.


  1. Well I certainly would love to jump in to that gorgeous thing faller a bed!!! Beautiful,with all it's crumplets....

  2. I love this image too. I just found you through mutual friends. As your new follower, I look forward to knowing you. I will also look forward to your visit and comments


  3. I love that room! Amazing.
    And the lamp is awesome. It makes me remember this one: http://www.bocadolobo.com/soho/tribeca.html


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