Tumbling ...

Hello hello!
Back from my little break, rejuvenated and bursting at the seams to post this shot of the Jo Malone store on Sloane Street, London. 
Window dressing at its very best.
Flowers tumbling from a window? I wish I'd thought of it myself!

Happy weekend, dear friends x

Found over at Designers Block


  1. I spy Grace Kelly. That shop front is a stunner.

  2. Sloane Street! Oh, my first intro to London was Sloane Square, and Kings Road and the oh so arrogant yet ever delicious Sloaneys and the fabulous Sloaney Pony pub (White Horse). Perfect timing with the Jubilee, dear Em

    You had me at Malone xo

  3. Wow!
    That's beauty inside and out.

  4. I used to buy my Jo Malone supplies from that exact shop - very decadent. Every bit as beautiful in real life as in the photo. Especially at christmas!


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