Distracted ...

Bad blogger.
Forgive me.

While I wish it was a whirl wind love affair, it was in fact the evil temptresses Pinterest and Instagram that had lured me away....
As had this page turner, and countless thoughts of decorating schemes and travel to distant lands ...

Photo from a very favourite tumblr, remain simple.


  1. Oh hurry up postman with my copy of the book! Everyone is talking about it, I have to jump on the bandwagon!!!! Can't wait to plot our next adventure, Em - markets are a definite 'must do' in each city xo

  2. Ohhhh I have just downloaded this onto my kindle. Can't wait to start it tonight...

  3. Yep Em, Crack Cocaine Pinterest has made a lot of us Bad Bloggers. I can see Pinterest Anonymous groups being surruptiously set up by Blogger to reclaim their congregation.
    Millie xx


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