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I'm on the lookout for a Panama hat for the upcoming tropical holiday ... my stupidly large head is proving to be a bit problematic! Any suggestions?
Also, would anyone know if these hats do in fact successfully roll up or do they end up looking like something Henry had a little chew on....?

Muchas gracias in advance for your answers  xx

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  1. bella, I have one. Bought it from a closing down sale from someone on KW road, so can't send you there sorry. Its a proper panama and can tell you, it does not crumple nicely. After a couple of moves it has had to have the iron treatment. Can borrow if you want.
    They also have them at Adelaide Hatters in Adelaide Arcade and RM WIlliams do a panama style that is nice. If its for Qld, may be best to wait til you get there...


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