Farewell ...

My dear friends ...
It is with a mixture of melancholia and unexpected relief that I announce my extended sabbatical from my beloved blog and decorating business, White & Wander...
The blog has been with me as I've wandered the globe for these past 5 years, but the online world has changed so dramatically and I feel it is the right time to leave it behind and continue my adventures in the real world.
Never in the fashion of doing things by halves, it's not only the blog that is going into storage: I've packed up my beautiful loft and stowed my treasures in a little storage unit, packed up our shop collections into the neighbouring unit (it looks so lovely all together!), and am busily squirrelling away my pennies for a one way ticket overseas to wander until my heart is hopefully content.
And, as a conversation with a fellow wanderer recently enlightened me, I'm not a nomad as I've so often called myself, for nomads will wander forever; rather I'm a tumbleweed, for I hold great hope that one day I will come to a standstill when find my home..
And when I find my home, I may very well resurrect White & Wander, but for now I bid you all a very fond farewell.
Much love, Emma x


  1. Oooh. I am jealous! You will be missed but have a wonderful time!

  2. Happy travels. Go well and safely.

  3. What a beautiful post Emma! I can't believe w&w is going into hibernation, a very sad day but when one door closes, you open a window and climb through the adventurous way. Here's to wandering xx

  4. All the very best Emma...enjoy your wander and have lots of great adventures...you never know we may bump into each other one day...in Soho in London... or some other European city...I always keep an ear open for an Aussie accent! Robx

  5. Emma, I have so enjoyed your blog!
    Good luck with everything - nothing like travel for inspiration and time to figure out what you want from life. Everything will be fine - just you wait. One day out of the blue, things will just all make sense. Take care, Kate x

  6. Oh Emma. Wow! This is big. It sounds just like me some 8 years ago. I packed up and sold up everything in NZ and moved to Paris. Hoping to 'find' what I was missing. Along the way I kind of did find my home. I met my now husband and we have two boys and are living in London. So best of luck to you. I will miss your beautiful blog. Maybe you will fill us in on what you are up too in the future.......
    Jo xxx

  7. Em! I am in shock. Please make sure you keep in touch lovely girl. I wish you all the best with life's adventure. xx

  8. this is really sad:-(

  9. Happy trails, happy landings, and see you on the flip side.

  10. The end of an era Kitty. So many exciting times and adventures ahead for you! xxx

  11. Best of luck, Emma! Having given up everything to follow my heart, and move to Australia, I have an idea of what you may be dreaming of.... May you find what you are seeking, and be very very happy.

  12. Dear Emma,
    I've always loved your blog; the masthead was so beautiful in itself.
    I really hope you find fulfilment somewhere lovely. Quite a few people are packing up and go off into the world: it must be the time of year? I would go too, but for my partner and family. So I hope that, when you do 'land' and settle somewhere lovely, you continue your wonderful blog, so people like me can live vicariously through it.
    All the very best for your travels.
    Sending you a hug from Melbourne.

  13. Emma, I shall miss your lovely blog-voice. Hope our paths cross one day! Phil xxxxxx

  14. Big is right! Sad for us readers, but beautiful/exciting/wonderful for you!! Will be thinking of you and your tumbleweed-landing-place :) and keeping you in my google reader just in case you decide to randomly post some pics from your travels!! Good luck!

  15. Sorry to see you go Emma. You have a very unique eye and I always loved looking at your view of things and your beautiful taste...
    Just remember...wherever you go, there you are!
    xo Terri

  16. Emma wish you best time ahead. Bon voyage!
    ~ Herman Swan

  17. i have loved every bit of your pretty little blog and imagined all your lovely adventures treasure hunting along the way. thank you for the inspiration and best of luck following your dreams. i wish you all the best and look forward to your return. x

  18. Sad/happy, sad/happy. Sad for me, happy for you.
    Millie xx


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