Happy Week ...

Don't you just love this invitation?
Who wouldn't want to attend when it is described so whimsically as a Pleasure Ball, and a host who is a Captain!?

Speaking of events, huge week here at W&W as we do the final prepping for a big wedding this weekend. I've been working with the gorgeous couple for a year now and we are all chomping at the bit to see it brought to life - I believe with all certainty that it is going to rock - they are a very stylish pair. 
I'll have some shots after the event.

In other happy wedding news, my twin sister Lucy has become engaged to the lovely Ellis.
 Those of you who've read the blog for a while now will know that for the past 2 years there has been a wedding in our family, and this year will be no different. 
Hurrah for you both, and fur-baby Sooty... and hurrah for me who may 'need' to go overseas for it! It's a hard life...

This week I'll be on the move lots so watch my Twitter feed for Instagram photos and wedding updates x


Game ...

Early morning meeting tomorrow to discuss a very exciting food event for Adelaideans...
I'll be doing the venue styling and happily it is going to require lots of lovely antlers.

Keep and eye on my Twitter account, and of course here at the blog for updates. I can't wait to tell you all more about it asap.

Hurrah for Autumn decorating... officially only 10 days away.

Photo from here


Property ...

 Here are a few sneaky shots of what has been keeping me so busy last week - White & Wander's first foray into property styling.
It's a gorgeous town house with a pretty English feel and lots of natural light - oh, how I wish I could snap it up myself!
 The era and architecture of the property dictated the tone of the furniture and the colour scheme of black, white, grey and silver. It all came together pretty well, if I do say so myself!
I never thought I'd use the rosettes that I made in a bored moment in the NT but the dining table just wasn't complete without them! It just wouldn't be W&W without a dash of something quirky...

Photos by me xx 
(Let me know if you'd like the link to the property)


Loft Revamp ...

Hello again, dear friends!

My busy first week back in the loft has been just lovely. I walked back in there and felt instantly at ease. That said, I've been dying to shake up my decorating for a while and I've been thinking about it lots while I've been away.

I've decided to create a bit more definition with splashes of bright pale blue and snow leopard (still tonal but a bit fun), I'm going to reupholster my bedhead in something a little bolder but keep my beloved nail head trim, and speaking of trimmings, I'm going to increase the detail on lamp shades and cushions with some rope and fringing... It's a start anyway!

Photos to come as the work progresses...

 Photo from Love With The Proper Stranger Tumblr ... j'adore the stripe, old gilded frames and that tassel fringing...


Busy ...

Another week has slipped past without even blinking!

I'm back in SA after a few days at the Design and Decoration trade fair in Sydney, which was fabulous and well worth the trip. 
This week has been filled with client meetings, some old and some new, finalising some big jobs that are coming up, decorating, treasure foraging, and catching up with friends and family.
Happy days.
I'll make a BIG effort to get posting back on track next week, dear friends, promise xx

(Couldn't think of a cuter image to leave you with!)


Field ...

Happy weekend, dear friends x

Puppy from here


Clutch ...

It's a necessary purchase ...
Admiral Boom would approve

Kate Spade via the lovely Matchbook Blog


Dream Home ...

 I talk about dream homes all the time... I've got about 10 of them.
But I've found the one ... the search is over.

It's the home of retired Naval Officer Admiral Boom and his wife, and their ex-pirate assistant Binnacle, on Cherry Tree Lane, London.

 I am amazed I didn't remember this from my childhood because I would have seen Mary Poppins countless times! G Barb can attest to us wearing out her tape!

 It's perfect in every way.
Such a pretty blue ...
And what an amazingly fantastic roof top with all those ship-shape details!

Happily, my loft is pretty nautical already, but it is more like a lighthouse than a ship ...
But I could add a Captain's wheel to the front deck of course, always room for more props!

See the full Admiral Boom montage here
(Please excuse the blurry screen shots taken from the movie!)